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Client Testimonials

Several clients have been generous enough to share what it's like to work with me. Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

"I am thrilled to provide a sincere testimonial for Christopher Carlino, an exceptional therapist who has been an integral part of my personal growth and well-being. Throughout our long-term therapeutic relationship, Christopher has consistently demonstrated his expertise, compassion, and unwavering commitment to my journey of self-discovery.  Above all, Christopher's genuine care and unwavering support provided me with the strength and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and achieve significant personal breakthroughs. I am immensely grateful for Christopher's transformative impact on my life and wholeheartedly recommend him as an outstanding therapist."

- Jane

"I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris. It isn’t always easy looking for a therapist, but thankfully I lucked out. Working with Chris made the process enjoyable and smooth. I felt comfortable right away, which made it extremely easy to open up. His experience also give you the opportunity to look at things through a different lenses. From someone who was emotionally shut off, he helped me better understand my emotions. He taught me that they are there for a reason. To work with them not against them. If you’re thinking about reaching out to Chris and possibly having him as your therapist, you won’t be disappointed"

- Tobi

"I have been Chris' client for nearly 6 years. I was resistant to therapy before I found Chris and choosing him as my therapist brought me on a journey of self discovery and healing. I can honestly say I have no idea who I would be without our sessions. He is easy going, a great listener, and genuinely cares about his clients."

- Kate

"Chris Carlino is one of the greatest individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with. He is somebody who is very knowledgeable and skillful regarding his craft. He is somebody that genuinely cares about his clients and their quality of life. He is one of many unsung heroes in the healthcare industry that do not get the recognition that they deserve. Chris Carlino is a phenomenal therapist and resource for anything looking to improve their mental health."

- John

"I've been with Chris now as a mental health patient for over three years. I sought treatment for PTSD, living with chronic illness, and childhood trauma. My main concern was getting behind the wheel again driving after falling victim to a violent hit and run, as well as other traumas/stresses. I have made significant progress with him during treatments and it continues to progress in life-changing results. Chris helped me gain the courage and confidence to learn how to drive again. Without his help, I still would not be able to be on the road. I have been with numerous multiple therapists and psychiatrists, psychologists in the past. I have had so much luck with healing & progress with Chris more so than any others in the past as it is not easy to find the right fit when it comes to finding a therapist. Chris made me feel comfortable, is reliable, is kind, professional and one of the best in his field in the state of Connecticut. I highly recommend his services to anybody seeking a better quality of life through healing through therapy. He has made it a wonderful experience working with him. He is top notch in his field."

- Amelia

"What I really value in my sessions with Chris is the freedom he gives me to dictate the problems I want to address in my life. Chris is unbelievably perceptive but he does not use that ability to “fix you”, rather he uses this ability to aid in his understanding when you (the client) ask for help. Having worked with Chris for years he has helped me through a diverse multitude of issues, yet never has he tried to help me with something without me bringing it to him first. That sort of understanding and trust is something I can say is unique to my relationship with Chris and I cherish it."

- Jack

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